Want to cut out the middle man? Bring your vehicle to us and we can take the radiator out for you!

Radiator Services

Repair and Replace Plastic-Aluminium Radiators

We are able to replace Plastic Top Tanks on Aluminium Radiators, give the core a clean out (flush), and repair leaks. We are also able to supply brand new Plastic Aluminium Radiators, with overnight shipping.

Repair, Re-Core or Replace Brass/Copper Radiators

Our skilled team have experince working on many different types of Brass/Copper Radiators, including vintage radiators. We are able to repair leaks within the core of the radiator, along with leaks that may come up on the tanks.

Customize and fit Performance Aluminium Radiators

Whether it is your racecar, stock car, or your pride and joy, we can give you the best advice and service for your cooling system. For this EH Holden, we customized an aluminium radiator to fit the customer's needs. Mike is able to customise fittings, pipes and mounts for various complete aluminuim radiators.

Repair or Re-Core Heater cores

Heaters are essentially miniture radiators, so we are able to keep you warm during winter as well as your engine cool during the summer.

Repair damaged Aluminium Radiators

Using a special type of Aluminium Brazing, we are able to repair damage to any type of Aluminium radiator. We can also use this brazing to repair Air-Conditioning Condensors, Evaporators and even various types of Intercoolers.

Repair or Re-Core large Truck or Industrial Radiators

We have the tools to work on some of the biggest Radiators in New Zealand, including Kenworth, Western Star and Freightliner Truck Radiators. In this photo, Ethan is working on a Kenworth radiator, which we ended up Re-Coring.

We finish all radiator jobs with a pressure test to make sure it will work at it's full potential and will not leak.

Air-Conditioning Services

Is your A/C blowing warm air instead of cold? Bring your vehicle in, and we can give your system a once over.

We can diognose, repair and service your vehicle's Air-Conditioning System

We are able to make your A/C running like new again. Whether it needs components repaired or replaced, we have the tools to make this happen. 

Keeping yourself cool during summer is just as important as keeping your engine cool

We are VASA certified to use R134-a Refrigerant gas. We are also able to degas, regas and repair the new 1234yf Refrigerant Gas systems.




auto air conditioning

Fuel Tank Services

A leaky Fuel Tank can be very dangerous. We can service and repair Fuel Tanks for all kinds of vehicles and machines.

Repair, Clean out and fit Fuel Tank Liners

If your fuel tank is full of rust, we can clean it out to apply a fuel tank liner, which prevents future rusting. If it just needs a simple patch up, we can do that too!

Cars, Trucks, Motorbikes, we can fix almost anything!

Our skilled team have a range of skills in welding, fabricating and paint, allowing us to prooduce quality pieces of work.